2018 Trends in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is facing upgrades considering manufacturers have to adopt new fads to stay ahead of competition. If you thought it stopped at 3D Prototyping and additive manufacturing think again. Simulation of both trends and new technology is taking heavy toll while 2018 is underway. Top eight Trends in the Automotive Industry It comes

Stereolithography 3D Printing Technique

Also identified as Stereolithography apparatus or resin printing is a 3D printing technique of objects by use of photopolymerization. Photopolymerization is a method where light causes chains of molecules to link, establishing polymers. To achieve this you must use a Stereolithography apparatus or SLA. This 3D printing invention was by Hideo Kodama a Japanese researcher,

Manufacturing Procedure of Carbon Fiber

In recent years, every carbon fiber manufacturing has been a dream idea for every engineer. Invention of carbon fiber manufacturing was in the 1950s to strengthen high temperature cast plastic constituents on missiles. The first carbon fiber manufacture achievement came due to heating strands of rayon until carbonization took place. Early 1960 was an important

Robotic Revolution in Asia

Technology advancement has grown immensely in a short period. Many countries consider technology as a big player to the growth of their economies. But advancements in technology is mostly noticed in many of the developed countries. There are different types of technology advancement in the world currently but ‘Robotics’ has caught my attention. What is