What to Keep In Mind When Choosing a 48v Power Supply Adapter

by Auguste
48v power supply

One of the disadvantages of choosing an adapter without considering the power supply needed is that the device simply won’t work. And if it works, the output will be worse. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario is it can blow up in pieces causing severe damage. To avoid such situations, especially when dealing with a 48v power supply certain things need to be considered. Below are elements to focus on when choosing a 48v power supply adapter.

  • Confirm If The Voltage is actually 48v Power Supply Adapter

If the voltage requirement for your charger is 48V, take a moment, and countercheck if your desired purchase fulfills this requirement. Though there is a significant difference between 48v power supply with battery backup and a 36 or lower, avoid using your eyes as a means of measurement. Skipping this step will lead to you investing in an adapter that won’t work as most devices only run on the specified voltage. 

  • Checking The AMPS Needed For The 48v Power Supply Adapter

An amp is the amount of power the device needs to get switched on. When selecting, pick amperage that is specified on the 48v power supply adapter. To save on money, do your best to match the specifications with what is highlighted. Though the device will only consume the amps needed, it usually leads to higher electricity cost. Lower amperage will fail to operate the equipment and cause overheating in the long run which is extremely dangerous.    

48v power supply
48v power supply
  • Consider The Watt Of The 48v Power Supply Adapter

Volts are the measure of power that flows from the circuit to the device via the adapter. Getting the watt needed to operate the equipment is easy when you have the volts and the amps required.  Though often considered as an afterthought, this is what decides how long it will take the device to charge. Calculation of watt is derived from multiplying the volts and the amps of a device. As an example, it’s easy to calculate the amps needed when from 48v power supply 2000w. This simple calculation will help you determine the amps required when purchasing.

  • Countercheck The Polarity Of The 48v Power Supply Adapter

Before making your final choice, take a moment and consider the polarity of your adapter. Ideally, most adapters will have a circular inner pole and a negative outside pole.  However, keep in mind that there are exceptions. Take a minute and ensure that (-) and (+) are in the correct correspondence with your device hence providing the same polarity.

48v power supply
48v power supply
  • Check The 48v Power Supply Adapter Plug Size

Over the years, most electronics companies are manufacturing adapters with the same plug size. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to find a 36V power supply varied significantly with the 48V supply adapter. As choosing the wrong plug- size means it won’t fit, ensure you confirm the connector size. Nonetheless, also take a moment to consider the output. Though most adapters convert from AC to DC, take a moment to make sure this is the case.


Overall, following the above guide will help you on how to go about choosing the ideal 48v power supply charger. However, the surest way of figuring out the specific adapter requirements is to compare it with an existing 48v power supply adapter. Doing so eliminates guesswork when replacing and saves you money.

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