The Best 4 Backpack Laser Cleaners for Laser Cleaning in 2020     

by Auguste
Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is a cost-effective method of cleaning surfaces using laser irradiation technology. Note, this technique has gained global recognition due to its benefits, including being environmentally friendly. A backpack laser cleaner is one of the most common types of laser cleaners today. They come in varying sizes, shapes, and styles. They can be used in removing rust, mold, debris, impurities such as rubber, silicon, carbon, etc.

Laser cleaners are also useful for baking plate cleaning, paint stripping, antique restoration, and heat seal die cleaning. Let’s look at some of the 4 best laser cleaners of 2020.

  • BK-BLC Laser Cleaner

This backpack laser cleaner uses pulsed laser energy to remove any unwanted contaminants on the underlying surfaces.  The laser cleaner allows you to direct the high energy laser rays to controlled areas. It’s an ideal tool for cleaning various surfaces.

Its application is endless and spread across multiple industries like medical, aerospace, construction, automotive, food, etc. The BK-BLC laser cleaner functions at a wavelength of 1064 nm and 50W. Its power supply is 220V-50/60Hz.

  • Central-Laser Backpack Laser Cleaner

It’s among the latest laser cleaning equipment high-tech products used to clean surfaces. The Central-Laser Backpack laser cleaner is easy to install and operate. It allows you to clean various surfaces without using any chemicals.

It functions automatically, and it’s perfect for cleaning various surfaces without using chemicals or water. You can use this backpack cleaner to remove grease, dirt, stains, paints, coatings, etc.

A central laser backpack comes with a small cart for convenient storage and easy movement. It also features seven cleaning styles and a free screen operation. The central-Laser Backpack laser cleaner offers focus red light to help you concentrate when cleaning various surfaces.

  • QA-LC50B Backpack Laser Rust

The QA-LC50B is a backpack laser cleaner suitable for outdoor cleaning tasks. For example, you can use this device for cleaning building walls, bridges, towers, etc. Its lightweight only weighs 20 kgs; thus, you can carry it on your shoulders for long.

QA-LC50B laser cleaner is also ideal for rust removal. Metals undergo corrosion and oxidation when they come into contact with water vapor and oxygen. The rust may get to interior parts of the metal, making it corrupted if not cleaned. The laser cleaner is also easy to operate.

  • Backpack Laser Cleaner BPL100e

LaserKing Pty Ltd makes the backpack Laser Cleaner BPL100e. It’s manufactured using the new generation technology hardware and special software. It’s easy to operate, pollution-free, and lightweight; it also serves as a high-efficiency non-contact laser cleaner.

This backpack cleaner is among the most powerful backpack laser cleaners in the market. It requires no acid, chemical, dust, dry ice, or media when cleaning.

Also, this cleaner permits autofocus and controlled depth cleaning. It’s effective for removing stains, resin, rust, coating, and debris from any surface. It’ll help you save time when cleaning various surfaces. 

The BPL100e requires little maintenance for about 100,000 hours of operation. It weighs 19kgs, conferring it easy portability for elevated platforms, heights, and difficult access areas.

In Summary

Choosing a backpack laser cleaner can be tasking. With the above devices, it becomes easier. Select a laser backpack cleaner that meets your needs and budget.

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