Can Laser Engraving Machine Save Your Time and Money?

by Auguste
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With the current technological advancement, product marking is getting adopted by a wide arrange of product manufacturing industries. If you need Laser marking system; is one of the sites you can get quality engraving machines. Apart from quality designing, flexibility and marking precision, laser engraving service has a lot for you regarding time and money saving. Below are ways how the engraving process saves you from time and money wastage.

  • An Engraving Machines can Reduce Human Errors

Digital product marking helps you avoid common human errors. If you decide to mark your product manually, it is obvious you are bound to make some errors maybe those of exact engraving location, date, font or name misspelling. With such mistakes, you will waste a lot of materials or even lose your customer’s due to unprofessionalism.  If you decide to use a laser engraver, you can be sure your product marking will be automatically precise and well managed thus avoiding human (manual) errors. 

  • Engraving Machines  Can Improve Marking Durability

If you are looking for permanent product marking, then industrial laser marking machines are what you need. Whether you are planning brand or add traceability on your product made of steel, copper, plastic, brass or aluminum, laser engraving is recommended for durable product marking. In connection to the durability issue, your products will not need time to time marking which is time and money consuming.

  • Engraving Machine Can Improve Marking Speed And Efficiency

Before laser engraving machines were invented, product marking was slow, required more time, was less effective and was not cost effective. For example, ink marking is slow, needed drying time, and the ink needs some re-inking after some time. With the technologically advanced engraving machines, a laser light beam is used to make permanent marks. Remember, the engraving process does not need drying time like ink meaning you can mark hundreds of products within a short time.  

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  • Engraving Machine Helps Cut Consumables Cost

Before diving into the real details, it is essential you understand ink marking is non-permanent, and laser engraving is permanent. In that sense, if you happen to mark your product using ink, then you will need to have ink and other solvents in stock. They come hardy anytime you need to re-ink the marking which is a process done regularly. Factoring the time used for repeat marking, and the amount used to buy solvents and ink, you will realize laser engraving for metal and other materials is cheap and efficient.

  • Recall and Warrant Claims Are Reduced If You Use Engraving Machines

Today, counterfeit product manufacturers have become a thorn on to genuine manufacturers. With that, federal regulatory acts have been signed by different governments to protect their citizens from money loss. As a countermeasure; laser engraving has been the most recommended option to add product traceability. Meaning, customers can claim their warrants effectively. On the other hand, manufacturers can also trace the time a particular product was manufactured and from which of their branch industries was it manufactured thus tackling the recall concern effectively.

  • Inventory Control Is Promoted If Engraved Machines are Used

For accountability reasons, metal, plastic or jewelry engraving machine comes in handy. When a particular product is marked, there is a unique number added that specifies the time, place and year of manufacturing. Meaning, the laser marking system is a permanent operation link. In any case, a manufacturer wants to check some details about a specific product; the unique mark will direct him or her to the exact details in their database. The ability to do that in real time saves you from hours you would have spent to go through the inventory reports.  

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  • Product Advertisement Cost is Reduced if you use Engraving Machine

Laser engraving service being a permanent marking option, to some extent the mark acts as an advertising option for your product and company. For example, if you consider commercial advertisements, they are expensive and never last long. Secondly, if you decide to go by graphics printing, the ink gets erased after some time. You will need to re-ink them same although such is not possible if the products already sold.

With commercial adverts, they will need to be renewed now and then. But here comes the right option. Using different types of engraving machines, you will have permanent marks on your plastic, jewelry, metal or glass. Even when your product is with the end user, your unique branding will be on it meaning your advertisement plan will be permanent. Such will save you repeated advertisement expenditure and the time.

  • Purchase Of An Engraving Machine Reduces Your Product Marking  Outsourcing Lead Time and Cost

Being a manufacturer, you can either choose to have in-house engraving machines or outsource the laser engraving services. But, if you decide to go by outsourcing, the cost will always be high than when you choose to do it in-house. Question is, are you able to buy the engraving machines? If yes, then save yourself some money and the wait time experienced during laser marking service outsourcing.  By doing the engraving in-house, you will do it at your own time of discretion while watching your spending in the best way possible.

  • Product Branding Using Engraving Machine Is Fast

First, the laser marking system is an automated process. One reason as to why this process is fast and easy is because the less human effort is need. After you have designed and counter checked the dates, spelling, and font, the machine does the rest.  In that sense, the process is fast and saves your time which you can use on other business development tasks.


Although these article as address time and money as the soul benefits, it does not mean they are the only benefits. But in the business world, which are those two things that can spell your success more than good time and money management? Get your laser engraving and cutting machines today and see your business scale higher due to better time and money saving tricks.

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