Why Is Anodizing Aluminum So Popular?

Ddprototype is a CNC posted service provider. The company has made a name for itself in China for offering the best CNC machining, CNC milling, rapid prototyping, and aluminum anodizing services. Ddprototype guarantees quality and efficient services to clients from various industries. The company’s anodizing aluminum services are highly beneficial. In this write-up, we discuss anodizing

Five Components of a Flexographic Machine

Flexographic printing has become very popular over the years due to its technological advancement. The flexo equipment has excellent functionality, rapid speed and produce high-end products that are appealing to clients. One would prefer reasonably priced goods for mainly personal, family, or other needs. The flexographic printing technology offers just that since total costs are usually low and profits

Easy Steps to Spotting a Bad CNC Machine

Several different industries are utilizing CNC machining. That’s because it reduces overall costs and labor works. The process is highly efficient, and creates products within a short time. While CNC machining could be used in a variety of applications, your machine can experience glitches sometimes. Keep reading this article as it explains different ways you can

Want Some PTFE Filler for Your Applications?

The plastic industrial sector is revolutionizing, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filler, a material mostly used in cookware and protective clothing, is becoming prominent in many industries that prefer this versatile material. It is commonly used in manufacturing and telecommunications industries, to mention a few. Teflex 40%-60%bronzePTFE filled sealing bears unique characteristics that contribute to its usage in

Novastar J6 Multi-Screen Splicing Processor

Novastar J6 is the latest high-performance video processor for multi-screen switching and splicing with enhanced image processing power. Based on a powerful FPGA (Field-Programmable gate array) processing interface, the Novastar J6 supports instant and seamless switch of input source and transition effects, for instance, fade and other commands providing a more flexible screen layout. It

How to pair your smartwatch to your phone

A smartwatch is a digital watch with computer capabilities. The watches have different features depending on the brand and the model. For instance, the HONOR Watch ES, as seen here; https://www.hihonor.com/spain/product/honor-watch-es features elements like an AMOLED touch screen, a 10-day battery life, 95 training models as well as an animated virtual trainer. The watch can also be