Top Differences between CNC Machining and Manual Machining services

by Auguste

When compared to manual machining services, CNC machining services have a lot of benefits. CNC machining is often referred to as a production process that involves the use of a CNC machine. This machine dictates and controls the movements of machinery and tools found in factories and industries.

There are quite a several factors surrounding decisions regarding CNC machining and manual machining services; Keep reading to find them out below;

Top benefits of using CNC machining

There are many reasons why CNC machining services are far better than manually controlled machining services. Some of the advantages and top benefits of using computer numerically controlled machining services include but not limited to:

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the major reasons why CNC machining services should be adopted. With it, the accuracy level becomes higher than others expected. The entire process involved is precise. This means that any operation carried out can yield the same preferred outputs with ease, regardless of the number of times it’s done. The manual machining service on the other hand may not be able to produce the same result as expected.

2. Increased production speed and efficiency

Since tasks completed with a CNC machine are directly controlled by a computer, they can be calibrated to fit a specified output. These specifications do not change unless the operator decides to recalibrate. This preprogrammed feature in CNC machining allows for an increase in speed during production.

Also, since the program does not change, there is a tendency for increased quality of manufacturing that can be sustained until the program is complete. Due to it being automated, it can also run for longer durations thereby being more efficient. Unlike CNC machining, manual machining uses human energy. This can’t be trusted as humans can easily get exhausted hence, break down at some point.

3. Increase safety

One other important reason why CNC machines are still in use is the increased safety feature it has. Operators of CNC machines need not be close to it during production. This means that in the cause of damage, there are fewer chances of humans getting hurt or injured in the process. While in manual machines, operators stand at a higher risk of getting badly affected by machines.

4. CNC Machining is Affordable

As in the case of every other technological advancement, CNC machining is much more cost-effective. This is because one operator can control multiple machines. Also, only a few operators are needed to handle an entire CNC machine facility. And since the output is usually accurate, there won’t be many occurrences of wastage regarding raw materials. In the case of manual machining, there’s usually a lower level of productivity hence the need to employ the use of more persons.


From the information above, it’s clear that the CNC machining services perform better than its counterpart. Products are manufactured in larger quantities and also within a short time. CNC machining services are the best for anyone hoping to get better at production!

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