Easy Steps to Spotting a Bad CNC Machine

by Auguste

Several different industries are utilizing CNC machining. That’s because it reduces overall costs and labor works. The process is highly efficient, and creates products within a short time. While CNC machining could be used in a variety of applications, your machine can experience glitches sometimes.

Keep reading this article as it explains different ways you can spot bad CNC machines.

How to spot a Bad CNC machining service

1. If the Tools are Not Aligned Properly

A CNC machining could have issues starting if your tools are not aligned properly. A sign could be having shapes that are not correct or featuring some dimensions that are above the tolerance minute is another sign. To control this, you need to mount the tool properly on the machine. You need to properly check the chuck alignment. Also, Look at the tool and the tailstock before you start your operations.

2. Clamping Improperly

A machine that isn’t clamping properly may lead to your products having a poor surface finish. It can also damage your tool holder in the process of production and an increase in the vibration of your cutting tool and other work piece. To avoid this, you need to be sure your foot-switch and your hydraulic pump are running. The cutting took the axis and the rotating axis needs to be checked too.

3. Chatter Error

Chatter refers to a solution where your machine or your workpiece uncontrollably vibrates. If you do not set your machine properly, this is bound to happen. You need to install your tools accurately to prevent this sort of horrible CNC machining service. All errors obtained from this chatter could damage your machine. Therefore, increasing or reducing the feed rarely helps to control the chatter. You can also use positive chip breakers.

4. Horrible Surface Finish

If you use your CNC machining service and end up with a poor surface finish, your clients would get turned off. This always happens whenever you have a very high feed rate. The feed rate could be too much for your nose radius on your CNC machining. You need to work with low speeds on cutting and also a reduced amount of shearing action. These could all contribute to your very poor finish issues. For proper control purposes, you need to reduce the feed rate and make sure you increase the rate of cutting. You could make use of a larger nose radius. Also, Don’t forget to use a positive chip breaker; this would help your optimal surface finish to look better than before.


No one wants to make use of a bad CNC machine as it may damage the whole production process. To prevent such horrible situations from reoccurring, make sure you install your CNC machine properly. This way, you get to avoid bad Surface Finish, chatter error, and improper clamping. Make sure you align your tools properly; the organization is essential. Following this guide will enable you to enjoy your CNC machine and also your overall costs, while creating high-quality products.

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