Are Digital Billboards more Affordable than Traditional Billboards?

by Auguste

Whenever you’re driving on a highway, you’re bound to notice a billboard or two on either side. Marketers are taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people commute to and from work on a daily and, therefore, spend quite some time on the roads. If you haven’t got a digital billboard for your company up already, it’s about time you visited Bibiled for some amazing designs.

Research has proven that billboard advertising is a truly effective strategy for companies. The commuters unconsciously view the billboards and the message will most likely stick to their mind.

Digital Billboard

Digital Billboard

Is Digital Billboard More Affordable?

If you are really keen, you will notice that more and more digital billboards are replacing the traditional billboards. This can be attributed to the numerous technological advancements being made in the digital screen industry. As a result, the cost of billboard advertising has been reduced significantly.

In the past, only large and well-established companies were able to invest in billboards. They also got huge marketing benefits in return. At the moment, even smaller companies are now able to invest in such. Actually, billboards are so cost-friendly that companies prefer them to other advertising options.

Digital Billboard

Digital Billboard

With digital billboards, there’s no printing that is required. This goes a long way in saving on the cost of production. Since the ad is sent via electronic means, it reduces the lead time and eventually hastens the time in which the company gets returns.

The best thing about digital billboards is that different companies can rent the same display so that their ads run in a rotator pattern. The advertisement cost is then shared between the companies making it even more affordable.

What factors affect the cost?

The cost of renting a billboard depends largely on its size and location. There are other factors that affect the cost including the display period, the viewing clarity, and illumination. Let us have a look at how location and size affect the cost:

  1. Location

This is the biggest factor that affects costs. This is because the billboard’s location determines who sees and who does not see your advert. The numbers of people who see the ad are measured by circulation, demographics, and impressions. Circulation is measured by the amount of traffic that passes the billboard.

The demographics or rather, the audience refers to the type of people who will drive past the billboard. For you to establish whether an audience is relevant you should consider their age, level of income, and gender.

Impressions are measured by the number of people who see the advert. For example, placing a billboard at a congested roundabout means that it’ll get more impressions. High traffic on a road might cause the cost of putting up a billboard to go high.

  1. Size

It is quite obvious that if the billboard is large, you are going to pay more for it. This is because a larger billboard holds greater value to your marketing strategy than a smaller billboard.

A lager billboard is more noticeable to a wider audience than a smaller one hence has a larger impact.

Digital Billboard

Digital Billboard


If your company is looking to increase brand awareness, you should seriously consider investing in a digital billboard. You don’t really need a huge budget to advertise on a billboard. The budget that you have set up also dictates the time period through which your ad will run. As the length of time increases, so does the cost you pay.

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