3 Rules for Contract Manufacturers in China

by Auguste

When it comes to manufacturing China is the world’s leading country. Many manufacturing processes take place in China. However, in recent years there has come some sort of a new name for private manufacturers. They are known as contract manufacturers. However, is it an easy task to find the best contract manufacturer? It takes time to vet a long list of contract manufacturers in order to come up with the best.

The number of contract manufacturers in China is high than in any country. Their main objective is to outsource manufacturing jobs. There are many categories of contract manufacturing including:

  • CNC machining
  • Grinding
  • Broaching
  • Complex assembly aluminum die casting

The above are some examples. In China manufacturing sectors such as the

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Computer
  • Automotive

Are the best manufacturers that use contract manufacturers? But before you hire a contract manufacturer you need to know the important rules in order to make your business successful. So, what are the rules?

Patent Your Product

This is a common phenomenon when it comes to contract manufacturers in China. You have to patent your work with the relevant authorities in order to prevent the manufacture of counterfeit goods. Other manufacturers of a similar product to yours may come up with a product that looks similar to yours. So, by patenting your work it is easier to trace fake products that are being exported from China. In addition, you have to know that contract manufacturers don’t work for you they can be contracted with your competitors. So, ensure you give them specific instructions when they are working for you.

Inform the Contract Manufacturer Your Product Requirements and Warranty

When hiring a contract manufacturer, you need to make sure they include your products requirements and warranty before supplying your product to the market. This trend is being done by many of them in China currently than before. In the past, they didn’t want to include the product warranty and requirements when supplying products. In addition, CMs count product warranty from the day your product is shipped out of China to external markets and the day they are supplied to wholesalers in the Chinese market.

Hire a Contract Manufacturer that is Resourceful

This is an important thing you need to consider when hiring a CM. Don’t just hire a contract manufacturer because of need. Ensure you hire a CM that is resourceful. This will act as an advantage to you when things go wrong. Not all times things go as planned sometimes they may not come out as you had intended. Therefore, when you have a CM that has resources you will be able to have your product to the market. In addition, you need to consider the one who is capable financial.


If you are intending to hire a CM, then you are on the right path. This is because they are beneficial. Some of their benefits include:

  • They produce high-quality products
  • They save on cost
  • They offer you the best and current skills and technology in the market

These are only but a few benefits of CMs. They offer a lot, however, the above rules are what you need to know about contract manufacturing in China.





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