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TLH Battery

For some time, e-bikes companies have been faced with serious issues especially when it comes to batteries for e-bikes. There are several problems which they have dealt with in times past. Sadly, these problems have not been correctly solved, and they keep occurring repeatedly.

It is a proved fact that e-bikes need an integrated battery solution, however not all operate with them. Hence, this could be a basis for dictating the standard of an e-bike.

Prospective bike owners have shifted their gaze to e-bikes which operates using integrated batteries for a lasting performance.

An E-bike battery provides the cyclist with the optimum pleasure and satisfaction which comes with e-bikes. The battery has the capacity to accumulate energy which proves to be useful in the long run. It then looks as if the electric bike operates with an extra energy. One of the beauties of e-bikes which operates on integrated batteries, is the artistic factor which it gives. E-bikes which are currently being produced are better looking, cleaner and coordinated than other bikes which do not use integrated batteries.

TLH Battery

TLH Battery

How to Better Integrate Batteries With E-bike?

Introducing integrated batteries in an electric bike is not a difficult task. However, there are some things which must be known. First and foremost, lithium-ion battery packs are useful for the optimum efficiency of e-bikes and electric bikes. The technology behind producing the battery needs to be perfectly accurate in order to ensure a fitting integration.

An ideal e-bike battery should come with a 20A+ discharge current which should be continuous and also a 40+ discharge current at its peak. Common occurrences which are experienced with e-bikes such as over-heat, extreme current and discharge, short circuit and others, are avoided when the ideal specifications of the e-bike batteries are used.

TLH Battery

TLH Battery

How to Judge the Quality of A Battery?

Prospective or current owners of e-bikes need to know the quality of batteries being used. To start with, the battery packs need to be made up of top-notch 18650 cells. Battery packs are most times the costliest parts of an e-bike, so it is good for you to know what you are paying for when going for either a battery or an e-bike.

Also, ensue that the voltage of the battery is right, if it isn’t, it could cause serious destruction to the motor and controller of the e-bike. The volt rating of the controller and motor has to be in uniform with the battery pack. Moving on to the Amp-hour rating of the e-bike battery, this tells how much energy is in the battery pack. The higher the Amp-hour rating, the further the e-bike would go. An Amp-hour rating of 85kWh is okay.

Looking at the watt hours rating, an e-bike battery rating of around 1500 watt hours is advisable for use, this is equivalent to using an e-bike battery rating of 32-Ah and 48volts. The number of watt hours can be gotten by multiplying the Amp-hour rating and the volts-rating.

So generally, it is better not to guess how far the battery of your e-bike would take you. Rather, be sure of the battery ratings. For example, an e-bike battery pack with 35 volts and 10-Ah contains 350 hours. With this, it is easier to calculate how far you can go in terms of distance covered.

TLH Battery

TLH Battery

How to Find the Best Solution to The Mount Battery?

Mounting an e-bike battery needs to be done with a great deal of care. It is one of the most delicate part of an e-bike, and it must be treated well. An e-bike battery can be mounted on the cargo rack located at the rear, it is a commonly used method with cheap kits. Another notable one is called the Triangle Mount. For this, you need to pinpoint the weight of the battery, and ensure it is close to the frame’s center and very lowly positioned.

Asides the listed two, there are other ways of mounting the battery such as Front Cargo rack, Top tube saddle case, Dolphin case amongst others. It totally depends on the individual. You could contact a professional if you are confused at this point.

Addressing the Biggest Challenge For the Entrepreneur Specialized in the Bike’s Industry

The biggest challenge facing the 21st century entrepreneur in the bike industry, is the shift of purpose and focus from the original plan of an e-bike. Initially, the making of e-bikes was based on some factors such as the design, performance, trends in sales, demography of the user, environmental influence and safety. These days, people are more concerned about the travel performance, health and wellbeing of the user. Hence, there has been an increase in the number of unlearned users of e-bikes. This keeps the purpose of manufacturing e-bikes from being met.

There is an urgent call for people to understand the principle guiding e-bikes manufacture rather than just for personal benefits which could be gotten from it.

TLH Battery

TLH Battery

How to confirm the solutions for the unique frame battery design?

The unique frame battery design tends to look at how compact the battery of the e-bike would be when compared to the battery manufactured years ago. Even with the same specifications, the e-bike battery needs to have a design which would ensure an overall fitting of all the necessary components.

TLH Battery

One of the foremost companies which are great when it comes to battery production, is TLH Battery (Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co. Ltd). The company was founded in 2005 has a vast experience when it comes to design for batteries pack and manufacturing of lithium batteries. This has attracted customers from far and wide due to the fact that TLH Battery has become one of the best when it has to do with Lithium-ion Battery manufacturer in China.

They also offer one of the best technical support service to their customers which involves designs for both existing and new projects. They also have a dependable supply chain system which ensures fast delivery of the products. TLH Battery has a policy of putting customers first, and respecting their opinions, looking into them critically to see if improvements in certain aspects can be made.



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