Things to Consider When Buying Data Center Racks

by Auguste

A data center rack is used to house data center computing such as cables, servers, and networking devices. That is why, if you need quality ranks, you better liaise with a well-reputed data center cabinet manufacturer. The rack can be of steel or electronic frame. This rank structure helps the data center get more organized. Remember, data center racks can also hold UPS, cooling systems, networking equipment, and telecommunication equipment. Each part is divided into slots designed to connect cables such as electrical and internet cables. They are, in most cases, classified according to their capacity or number of slots. Thus, there are many types of data center racks to choose from, some of which are discussed below.

a. Open Center Racks

Open racks, as the name suggests, don’t have doors or sides; they can only be mounted using rails. They are most suited for rooms that require minimal security personnel to be present.

· Open racks are affordable than enclosed ones.

· In open racks, cooling of equipment is natural since air flows in all directions.

· It’s easier to access cables in open racks in case there’s equipment malfunction.

· Anyone can walk into the server room and unplug cables; therefore, they aren’t the best choice in terms of security.

· Since the racks are open, it’s easy for dust to accumulate, causing damage to servers.

b. Enclosed Center Rack

As the name suggests, enclosed means something closed, this means these racks have doors and side panels. The doors can be locked, providing security to cables and other equipment.

· Enclosed center racks provide better security since they can be closed; therefore, unauthorized people can’t walk in the server room and access equipment.

· It’s difficult for someone who walks into the server room to see cables since they are hidden; therefore, it’s hard for them to get damaged.

· Compared to an open rack, enclosed center racks are pricier.

· These types of racks occupy large spaces; therefore, one can’t work in a room with enclosed center racks.

c. Wall-mount rack

These racks are meant to be mounted on the wall to save space. They are unique since they can be installed on areas others can’t fit. They are affordable but can’t support heavy equipment.

Things to Consider When Looking for Data Center Racks Manufacturers

· Consider the size of the equipment that needs to be housed in data center racks.

· The type of rack you choose to leave enough working space it is best to select ones with wheels since they can be moved when need be.

· Consider the racks have enough space to house cables, switches, overhead cables.

· Choose a rack with the capacity to manage airflow.

· Before talking to a manufacturer, ensure the data center rack, you choose enough security such as closable doors.

· Your budget is something worth considering. You want to work within your budget, therefore choose a rack that meets your needs without straining your pockets.

Final Thoughts

When constructing and designing data centers most companies forget the importance of data center racks. Datacenter racks should come; first, this shows the importance of keeping the data room organized. No one wants to work in a room full of cables and equipment. Before choosing a manufacturer or supplier of the racks, consider the things listed above.

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