Solar Cable Applications- Choosing The Kind That Suits Your Needs

by Auguste
Solar Cable

A solar cable refers to the interconnection cable primarily utilized in power generation. The device interconnects solar panels in addition to other electrical components of a viable photovoltaic system. Solar cables are UV resistant. They are also weather resistant. For that reason, they are capable of withstanding a significant temperature range. Being solar cable specialists, we provide our clients with innovative solutions on various projects that often rely on sustained operational performance coupled with minimum maintenance with a viable setup. In our blog post today, we shall highlight solar cable applications in various sectors.

The diversity of solar cables allows it to cover a broad range of connections between solar panels as well as other elements in the industry. In response to that demand for energy and the government entities, the renewable energy industry has been designing platforms for new technologies in order to capture energy from the environment and supply power not just to the locals but the international network too. Our solar cables are readily available in the largest retail stores, which happen to be respected solar farms across the world. Our cable solutions have immensely played a role in contributing to the completion of large solar generation plants around the globe.

Looking At The Portfolio Of Solar Cables

To understand the wide variety of solar cable applications, you need to comprehend the existing portfolio of the product on the market. Our solar cables are prominent for being manufactured in the requirements of different international standards. They are such as the 12AWG 600 Volt and 10AWG Volt. These two cover a broad range of applications from rooftop projects solar installations to solar array panels. The robust outdoor cable range is also designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as degradation from ultraviolet light exposure. At the moment, we supply bare copper conductors and cables. These products are effective in connecting the solar installation to certain substations as well as the power grid.

Solar Cable

Product description

  • 12AWG Cable

Our photovoltaic cables meet the standard quality requirements of cable production, which is highly superseding the industry threshold of solar cable approvals. Our products have undergone extensive testing programs in order to deliver quality cables with a long lifespan of about 20 years- this is highly consistent with the standards we have set for our cables. This cable is also cross-linkable and halogen-free. These features make it a viable choice for the insulation of a wide variety of products.

  • 10AWG

This is a bulk solar cable. It is appropriate for applications that need up to the 600-volt rating. It can also be used in grounded interconnection as well as ungrounded photovoltaic power units.


Our complete solar cable solution prides itself on providing a full project line from cable selection to dispatch, logistics, and then testing. All these occur offsite as well as onsite. The in-house specialist testing laboratory we own provides wealthy information based on technical expertise surrounding customized cable development. We shall disseminate important information regarding applications of cable wires in various sectors. To ensure that there is optimal performance of the solar system, find out more about solar cable accessories such as connectors and specialists. The knowledge amassed will help you to enjoy error-free cable installations.


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