How to use a Laser Engraving Pen Safely?

by Auguste
Laser Engraving

If you use a laser engraving machine every day, then you must be aware of the potential health hazard that you are exposed to. While the device is useful when it comes to making marks or fabricating any engineering model, it could leave the user at serious risk if precaution is not taken when operating the device.

So if using a laser engraver is part of your daily routine, then you want to check out the safety precautions outlined below.

Protect your Eyes

The first thing you want to do when using a laser engraving tool is to keep your eyes secure at all times. The machine makes use of ultra-bright lights and high-intensity heat that could lead to problems with your vision if proper care is not taken.


Ideally, it is common practice for welders and other users of laser engraving kits to wear protective goggles over the eye. It would help if you also considered the optical density of your glasses. They should be strong enough to resist the intensity of light and should be comfortable to use at all times.

Be careful How You Breath.

Another thing with laser engraving is the heat produced during the process of using the gear. In some cases, the process leads to the production of fumes, smoke, and dust that shouldn’t be inhaled. And the only way to do this is to use a protective covering over the nose. For this, you can make use of a gas mask or use a fume extractor to get out all those foul air in your workspace.

Check out the Connection

You would require a high voltage to make use of laser equipment. And to ensure your safety at all times, you should do well to check that there is no lag in the connection. You could get yourself electrocuted when you get exposed to loose wires with high voltage, so you want to keep your eyes peeled for this one all the time.

Follow Safety Procedures

Fire extinguisher

The chances are there are laid down procedures for you on how to use the laser engraver or other tools. And it is in your best interest to adhere strictly to this practice. For a start, keep a fire extinguisher nearby and always check that it is still operational.

Then you also want to avoid playing around in the workplace, mainly if it includes gears that perform cutting and slicing functions. So you should at all cost, avoid playing with a laser machine. And if you do not have any experience of handling such a tool, then you should leave it to the professionals.

Lastly, it would be best if you also tried to have a medical kit nearby for minor treatments in the case of accidents before seeking medical help. And remember, if it is not in your place to use the laser engraving tool, then you shouldn’t play with it for any reason. So as not to result in workplace injuries.

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