Tips to Consider While Purchasing Industrial Induction Furnace

by Auguste
Industrial Induction Furnace

Induction furnace is an electric machine used to induct heat to both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The process is clean, controllable and energy-efficient which makes it the most preferred method of melting metal. The good thing is, even if you have a small business of melting metal, you can start by using a small induction furnace then proceed to a bigger one when your business expands.

Also, if you’re conscious about the environment, the furnace prevents dust and pollutants from diffusing into the air. Here are factors to consider when buying industrial induction furnace.

  • Noise

Noise can be annoying, primarily if you can’t control it. It is therefore important to check the noise level of the industrial induction furnace before purchasing. Through technology, induction furnace manufacturers are designing furnaces that are efficiently noiseless.

 However, the noises might not be completely put off but, ensure you buy a furnace that won’t affect your employee’s ears or cause irritation due to noise emanating from the furnace.

  • Cleanliness

Have you ever burnt charcoal? If you have you know you were left with ashes that you have to dispose of. However, an induction heater for melting metal does not combust anything to burn so there is no waste. Your working area remains clean, thus a clean environment. Certainly, an industrial induction furnace is ideal for anyone with environmental concerns.

  • Oxidation Loss

Unlike previous furnaces, the core type induction furnace reduces the amount of oxidation witnessed during the melting process. Therefore, the lower the oxidation rate a furnace provide means there is higher yield thus, better production rate. Always check the oxidation rates when buying your small size industrial furnace.

You know industrial induction furnace comes in different sizes. However, what you dint know is, the smallest furnace requires minimum refraction of materials. It is therefore important to buy a small induction furnace rather than a large furnace. Nonetheless, it depends on the size of the business you have. The scale of production you intend to venture in should be the primary guide on the size of the furnace to purchase.

  • Refraction
Industrial Induction Furnace
  • Production Rates

Unlike other furnaces, induction furnace is fast in heating and melting metals. So, if you smelt gold, aluminum, copper, and platinum it will take a shorter time to melt the metal and live time to melt other metals. Are these not the best way to increase your production rates?

  • Size

As earlier mentioned, the smallest induction is the best but, your manufacture should give you choices to choose from. Besides, (hypothetically speaking) the furnaces might be all small but some may carry 1kg metal and another 2kg. Always take your time and choose the furnace you need will to check on the scale of your production.

  • Control Features

An ideal industrial induction furnace should be easy to install, maintain and control. Some of the things you should control include the emission of smoke, dust, and other pollutants into the air. Also, you should control the power supply and ensure the furnace runs efficiently and steadily even when working through 24 hours.

  • Furnace Shell

How strong is the furnace shell? Ensure the furnace is of good quality, easy to install and maintain otherwise you risk your employee’s life if the installation goes wrong. The durability and strength of the shell have a great impact on furnace quality.

Industrial Induction Furnace

Take Away

Choosing the best industrial induction furnace for your business is easy when you follow a guideline. Therefore, use the tips provided above and make your buying process easier. Also, ensure you buy your mini gold melting machine from a reliable manufacturer.

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