How to pair your smartwatch to your phone

by Auguste

A smartwatch is a digital watch with computer capabilities. The watches have different features depending on the brand and the model. For instance, the HONOR Watch ES, as seen here; features elements like an AMOLED touch screen, a 10-day battery life, 95 training models as well as an animated virtual trainer. The watch can also be used to monitor your heart rate and stress level throughout the day.

How do smartwatches work?

To understand how smartwatches work, you first need to understand their functions. Each function has a particular mode of operation. Below are some of the main functions of smartwatches;

  • Receiving notifications
  • Featuring beneficial apps
  • Managing media
  • Receiving calls
  • Operating GPS and navigation

Using smartwatches

Before you can use the various functions of smartwatches, you first need to understand how to connect or synchronize it with your smartphone. You have to make sure that the smartwatch you purchase is compatible with your smartphone or tablet. For instance, if you have a Samsung smartphone, you may need a smartwatch that is compatible with android or a Samsung smartwatch as well.

But, to pair your smartwatch with your smartphone or tablet, the following tips would come in handy;

  • Charge the smartwatch-like it is the case with smartphones; the first thing you ought to do is charge your device as soon as you get it. Make sure to read the instruction manual and make sure you know the indicator for a full charge. You want to make sure the smartwatch is fully charged before you turn it on.
  • Power it on and install the necessary app- after charging the gadget, you can power it on. You will also need to install the app that will help you synchronize your phone with your watch. The instruction manual should have details on which app you need to install.
  • Get started- after installing the app, you can now get started. You may be required to search for your watch model on the app list. Once you find the exact smartwatch model, click select. Once you select it, a give permission request will appear on your watch. Click allow, and a code will be prompted. With the code, you can connect the two devices.

Note that to pair the two devices, you may need a Bluetooth or WiFi connection depending on the mode. If you are using Bluetooth, you will have to start by making the watch discoverable, then pairing it with your phone like you do with most gadgets. After pairing the gadgets via Bluetooth, you can proceed to download and launch the app and continue with the setup process. It is also worth noting that the setup or pairing process differs from one brand and model.


Smartwatches are typically very expensive. For this reason, they are not as popular among regular people. However, professional runners and trainers benefit significantly from owning these kinds of watches. They are also very popular among people with health challenges. For instance, a person prone to cardiac issues like heart attacks can use a smartwatch to monitor his heart rate.

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